• Brand:
  • AXI International
  • SKU:
  • IFP-1300


The AXI Intelligent Fuel Port is a compact, economical solution for fuel filling with spill prevention and fault alerts for fuel storage tanks. The Intelligent Fuel Port features an enclosed port for hose connection from a fuel source. The enclosure has a containment basin to collect any fuel that may spill during the filling process. The Intelligent Fuel Port can be mounted to a wall or on a stand, and provides the user alerts and statuses from the connected storage tank(s).



The AXI Intelligent Fuel Port is capable of managing fuel distribution for multiple tanks. The System Automation Controller can manage up to four (4) fuel tanks (Smart-Comm – two (2) tanks, Net-Comm – Up to six (6) tanks). By utilizing actuated valves, the controller can distribute fuel to the appropriate tank, while monitoring respective tank levels.